This blog serves as a public blog to notify you of updates on our private blog Due to limitations with Blogspot's private blogs, our blog does not work with rss feeds so this is our work around. If you require access to our private blog, send us a message.

Two Blogs Are Better Than One?

We have two blogs.


It started with a public blog. Stacey & Angele: 2 girls in love. This blog is our main blog. It's THE blog. But the problem with blogging is that people hate what you have to say sometimes. Or they gossip about it to all of the wrong people. Blogging is a way for us to journal about our lives but also a way to vent to our friends, real life and blogger peeps. We didn't want to feel like we were being censored on our own blog so we went private.

Private blogs rock. They allow you to share more and not feel like some creep out there is peeping your kids' photos or that your uncle is reading it and reporting back to your grandmother which then gets back to your mom that you said that you didn't like her lasagna. You get what I mean? Of course you do.

But private blogs prevent people from using rss feeds. I've done a bit of research and found a few tools that claim to work with private blogs but the simple RSS feeders people use on their side bar won't work with them so what's the point? Why complicate things when most people want less complication in their lives? And who really likes to download applications constantly, not knowing if they are also downloading spyware or just a junky program that takes up space?

So this is my solution to work around the blogger shortcoming of not allowing feeds for private blogs you are subscribed to.

If you follow this public blog, it will be updated with links every time I post on the private blog. Therefore, you will get a feed of our private blog in a round about way.

If you come across this blog, you can send me a message to about gaining access to the private blog.

Feed on.